If you want me to add these plugins and them to the cart with designing package.

Facebook Messenger Plugin

This plugin is available to add, but you need a Facebook page site setup. If you look at the bottom right of our page you will see the plugin. To find out how to set up and how it works click here.
You will need a Facebook account and you can click here. create a page on your account.

Open Hours Plugin

Add open times to your website to show visitors when you open for business. It will put the day in bold for the current day that you are open.

Facebook Like and Share Buttons

  • You will need a Facebook account and you can click here to create a page on your account. You must add a page to your profile for this to work. Look at our contact area and you will see it in action. Note
Yelp! Counter

  • You will need a Yelp Business Account in order to have this work. You can click here to set one up and it is free. Add Yelp counter to your site. Note
Weather Plugin

With this plugin, you will have weather on your website for your visitor. There are two versions of the plugin. There is one for desktop or mobile.

Weather Alert Popup

With this weather script, you can have this added to show weather for a location to tell visitors to your website if there is bad weather in that area. You can have it shown on the top, bottom, or top left corner of the screen.

COVID-19 Information Block

You can add this block to let visitors know about how to stay safe when coming to your business.


I can customize your button to fit the look and feel of your website. Take a look at the button at the bottom of the screen.

Twitter Bootstrap

Instagram Bootstrap

Soundcloud Bootstrap

You can add your Soundcloud playlist to your website. You would need a SoundCloud account which is free.

Twitch Feed Bootstrap

Youtube Bootstrap

Facebook Feed

Pinterest Feed

Popup Chat

Tik Tok Feed

Smart Cart

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